It’s True – EP by Tali Freed & The Mandolin (I.e. Tali Freed & Alex Oster)

The collaboration of Tali Freed & Alex Oster began in 2015, when Alex said “Can I record you?” and Tali said “Yes” and they went on to do a lot of shows and songwriting together.  On this album they made a point of seeing how much they could do “DIY,” recording on Logic pro (at Alex’s studio Earnheart Conspiracy), and bouncing tracks back and forth, making decisions together about the recording process, and, then with Alex finishing up the album as the mixing and mastering engineer.  These songs were written and recorded over 2016-2018, mainly based out of fictional characters, brought to life in song.

All songs Co-Produced by Tali Freed & Alex Oster, and written by Tali Freed & Alex Oster (except track 4 written by Tali)

  1. Skipping Stones – Tali: Vocals/Mandolin/Violin; Alex Oster: Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming

2.  Answers Enough – Tali: Vocals/Mandolin/Keyboard; Alex Oster: Guitar/Bass

3.  Kiss Me In The Candlelight – Tali: Vocals/Mandolin; Alex Oster: Guitar/Bass

4.  It’s True: Tali: Vocals/Mandolin/”Bass”Mandolin/Keyboard; Alex Oster: Guitar/Bass

5.  Headin’ On: Tali: Vocals/Mandolin; Alex Oster: Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming