Tali Freed  Singer / Songwriter / Musician

Artist Bio.  Local Singer / Songwriter Tali Freed performs solo as a vocalist / mandolin player (“Tali & The Mandolin”) and in many additional capacities – being a very collaborative musician.  She has performed as a backing musician singing harmonies for Yani Batteau and the Styles, Janet Connerney, Jeff Jam, and many more local artists, and as a violinist and keyboardist.  She writes songs to touch people’s hearts on a deep level and loves to sing on people’s projects (and her own) as a lead and background vocalist.  She also does volunteer work in social justice activities.  She is also a vetran of a professional touring theatre troupe, and from Feb 2014 – Jan 2017 taught music lessons (being a full-time musician/music teacher for most of that time) which was awesome to teach students music! <3  Tali has written 1 self-help book for Singers called Pass Your Own Audition, and has released a full length CD called Feet On The Ground, and an EP called Spare Moments.  You can find Tali’s voice on multiple recordings beyond her own.  In 2017 Tali will be releasing a new recording – which you may have a chance to help fund…  stay tuned….  For booking Tali write:  For press write:

Follow Tali on Concert Window (for on-line shows!):

From 2011-2013 Tali launched and hosted/organized/ran sound and performed at a monthly event series called “Mellow Music Mondays” at the All Asia Bar in Cambridge, 334 Mass. Ave. Cambridge, MA.  1st Mondays of the Month.  For any info on any band names who performed at the series, visit: Mello Music Mondays

Sound Recordings you can find Tali singing on:

Jeff Jam “Snores” CD: lullaby CD for children 2014

Lead & Background vocals & violin & mandolin on: Tali’s EP: “Spare Moments” 2014

Background Vocals on: “Another Holiday Song” Holiday CD by Liz Borden Band 2013

Background Vocals on: Deb Picard’s self-titled EP 2013

Lead and background vocals, mandolin, violin and keyboard on Tali’s: Feet On The Ground CD 2012

Chorus Singer: Revels Welcome Yule!  Christmas CD 2011

Background vocals on:  Rachel Gambiza’s Debut Album: Gambiza 2009

Background Vocals on:  Toning the Chakras: a Meditation Album by Debbie O’Hara 1998

Movie Credits:

Acting and Singing in: The Search For Cleopatra’s Crown 2015

Violin playing: Cafe & Tobacco 2003

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