What Did I Get For White Privilege

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What Did I Get For White Privilege By Natali Freed
Lead & Background Vocals: Natali Freed; Keyboard: Mary Casiello; Bass Guitar: Ethan Mackler: Drums: Bill Supino
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kazuto Maekawa @ Caveman Music Studio; Produced & Arranged by Natali Freed; Copyright Natali Freed 2012

All my life I’ve lived in North America & when I was 20, I bought a car. I didn’t earn the money it was given to me. 20 & wantin’ to accomplish things ain’t that a basic human right but was my access to this resource a privilege of wealth or a privilege of something else? The car salesman had the same skin-color as me and I didn’t think about it. How come I was 20 & I didn’t have to think about how he would racially identify me or if it would change my purchasing power? / And what did I get for white privilege? Is this the way to live? I may not ask for special treatment, but what is given to me because the color of my skin? Now I am 30 I just bought another car. This time I earned the money, but can I honestly tell you that, if history got me where I’m at? The white car salesman knowin’ me only 5 min, said take it for a test drive. He handed me the keys said “go ahead: by yourself.” If my skin had been a darker shade would he have given me the same trust? CHORUS / Next I went to 2 different RMVs one in the suburb and the one that serves the inner-city. Which one do you think was understaffed? Which one do you think had lines that moved fast? Which one do you think had 2 hr. wait times and at which one am I the white racial minority? When I was 20 I didn’t have the words to describe when what I’m experiencing is racism institutionalized. And how many friends do we lose to suicide with skin tones white & all shades? You can’t tell me race is not my problem. Silence ain’t workin’ for anyone. / I’m not the only person white or of color who shares these thoughts I’m not alone, the civil rights movement ain’t over. When I 1st saw my own part in the problem of white privilege I wanted to self-destruct but now I see I’ve a necessary valuable part to play in the stand for equality. Especially when it means no unearned privilege for me. / Now I’m 30. I’ve accomplished some things but on an uneven playing field/until it’s an even playing field nobody truly wins. CHORUS.