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Speculation by Natali Freed
Recording Details:
Lead & Background Vocals & Keyboard: Natali Freed; Bass Guitar: Ethan Mackler: Drums: Bill Supino
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kazuto Maekawa @ Caveman Music Studio; Produced & Arranged by Natali Freed; Copyright Natali Freed 2012

I used to wonder why she looked at him that way. I used to think don’t you know that it’s wrong? I used to want to ask why can’t you break your gaze? Now I know x 3 yes, now I know.
I used to hold my breath watchin’ him hold her hand & lead her in a circle in the corner of this stage. This whole cast and crew and audience can see you you must feel brave? CHORUS
There’s never only one way x2 never just one way to live your life. I didn’t know your story hadn’t been in your shoes didn’t know your story at all.
I used to wish for them they’d leave inseparably each night after the curtain or when the set was struck. But every night they always chose to go their separate ways/to their separate homes.
Why when I know nobody told you that you had to dance that way/so close?