Place To Fill

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Place To Fill By Natali Freed; Rap Lyrics By Nargis Khestoo
Recording details:
Lead & Background Vocals & Violin & Rap performance: Natali Freed, Background Vocals & Percussion: Deb Picard; Background Vocals: Naomi Edelman; Electric Guitar: Zack Niman; Bass Guitar: Ethan Mackler
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kazuto Maekawa @ Caveman Music Studio; Produced & Arranged by Natali Freed; Copyright Natali Freed 2012

Keep the memory of me with you when you go I’ve only got a little place to fill. I’d rather fill it with you/friends/you’re presence then with evidence of who we were & what we’ve done! / Our apartments are small, our houses are foreclosed, we can’t keep every photo that we’ll ever hold, so I’ll live on in your memory and you’ll live in mine, we’ll write songs/stories about each other say “remember the time!” / CHORUS / I’ll do you a favor & once in a while remind you of what you’ve accomplished and how you make folks smile ‘cause I know you wanna throw away these papers, get these files off the floor & fill this room with friends and make more memories / Well it’d be nice to keep some of these paper reminders in case I get old and get Alzheimer’s but I doubt I’ll have a bigger apartment then so I’ll get rid of my stuff & hold on to my friends / CHORUS / Well I guess I better keep some pieces of proof if I can in case I get accused of crimes. I know you’d take the witness stand ‘cause you’re my friend, but don’t you ever do that for me if the mess is mine!

Rap Lyrics written by Nargis Khestoo, used by permission:
Yo I really don’t got a lot of space, so these physical objects I must erase. My room is so crowded, My sanity? People doubt it (doubted) ’cause my friends think I’m OCD and (sometimes they) then they make fun of me I got your memory here with me, Honey, that’s enough for me. I don’t have much (any) room for this/a 3 dimensional doom, cuz what are material items anyways? I’d rather have the spirits of my friends who’ll stay and I don’t need reminders of everything, That’s what memories are for so will you please bring Your smile and your music Cuz these objects will make me lose it and I ain’t gonna lie when I say I wont miss this vacuum cleaner You gave for birthday Or this couch in which we hung out together Cuz (you and I both know that) it ain’t gonna last forever. But I (let me) tell you what will: Friends & memories! ‘cuz they are the real treasures Which cannot be measured, And I hope they never end, Please give it up for my friends!


(Alt Chorus: I’ll keep the memory of you with me when I go you’ve only got a little place to fill, you’d rather fill it with friends then with evidence of who we were & what we’ve done.)