Pay It Forward

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Pay it Forward By Natali Freed (Rap Lyrics By Nargis Khestoo)
Recording details:
Lead & Background Vocals & Violin & Rap performance: Natali Freed, Background Vocals: Deb Picard; Background Vocals: Naomi Edelman; Drums & Electric Guitar: Brendan Gibson; Bass Guitar: Ethan Mackler
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kazuto Maekawa @ Caveman Music Studio; Produced by Natali Freed; Copyright Natali Freed 2012

She was livin’ on their floor vagabond for a year but she saw him smiling every day. Years have passed they’ve moved apart but she holds a heavy heart, she calls him up to make amends. / He says: Girl, what ya talkin’ bout you don’t owe me nuthin’, I think of you as one of my kids. But since you’re willing to do anything, then go out there & give. Take this advice on the road. / He says: Don’t pay it back pay it forward x 3 Don’t give it to me pass it on. / “But I caused you sufferin’,” she says, not listenin’, and he smiles at her distress. He says “I’m so glad you called but don’t worry at all, you have no idea: that once upon a time back in my young life, I was just like you. I was dealt a hand I could barely believe, and now you’ve helped me follow through, ‘cause with that hand I was told to…” / CHORUS / Pay it Back Pay it forward x 4 / There’s a smile on her face she’s rejoined the human race, she breathes in after their goodbye. Gets a call from a friend who’s in need of helping hands, and to this request she replies: / she says: Sure I’m available to be helpful, then the words come back in her face: the soul who’s in need says they can’t repay the deed, so she’s just got one thing to say the words on which she’s sold, she says: CHORUS

Rap written by Nargis Khestoo, used by permission: Don’t worry about it girl (if I could) I’d give you my world. But your smile is all I need to sincerely repay the deed. But if you want to pass it on I’m sure it’d be a ton of fun, for example: You can help an old man with his bags, while he reminisces ‘ bout his past And you may (maybe you’ll) learn a new lesson that will propel you in a new direction. You can show a girl life is not about diamonds and pearls; it’s about our precious environment, which we must learn to protect, and maybe you’ll take your own advice and plant a tree (plant a tree) once or twice. While your feet are sinking in the Earth, you’ll feel a connection with mother Earth. The one (the one) that gave us all birth. You can teach a boy by more than just giving him a toy, you can/But teach him about philosophy and how to climb a tree. And maybe one day while thinking a tree He’ll come to an epiphany And invent something that brings a lot of dough, Cuz you really really never know, But since he studied philosophy he sees the world with clarity, and he donates to charity, Come on, Hun, are you there with me? You can help an old woman down the street And help (to) relieve her withered (worn-out) feet. And maybe she’ll share with you a memory That will help you see a problem you have with clarity Cuz when you help another that’s someone’s sister, brother, father mother or lover And I’m sure they’ll appreciate it as well. So now I hope you can tell that even if you don’t get anything / get nothing in return its Satisfaction you’ll earn (have earned) Just don’t forget to say when they ask you how to repay “Don’t give it to me pass it on!”
(Bridge again, Bass solo, Chorus again)