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Mystery By Natali Freed
Recording Details:
All Vocals, Keyboard & Violin: Natali Freed
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kazuto Maekawa; Produced & Arranged by Natali Freed; Copyright Natali Freed 2012

Mystery is what lies ahead. Faith in the silence of each other’s breath
as they close their eyes & remember when they 1st touched and it never ended.

There’s much more then I’ll ever know that’s passed those eyes & those thoughts below, I’ll ask them questions that I possibly can to learn life’s mysteries and understand.

Brave they are as they let go of a place they made so warm & magical
a change in their lives and new sights to see but their warmth and love have mobility.


Mystery is what lies ahead. They’ve shown us courage and a way to live as they go forth along life’s path still their love always lasts.