Crash Of Reality

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Crash Of Reality By Natali Freed
Recording Details:
Lead & Background Vocals, Violin Plucking & Violin Percussion: Natali Freed
Recorded by Natali Freed @ her home; Mixed & Mastered by Kazuto Maekawa @ Caveman Music Studio; Produced & Arranged by Natali Freed; Copyright Natali Freed 2012

Crash of reality damn my eyes for they have seen more then my heart can handle. Why did you lead me here all alone? It’s not a question but a demand to know / Oh why did I try to make this place a better place? Why did I try at my expense. Why did I think that I could give so much away? Why can’t I hold on to something/someone? I can’t feel it no I can’t believe you won’t restore yourself to who you wanna be oh why’d it come to this again? No, I don’t understand myself the way I am oh restore to me my endless need I’ve given away my feelings today oh restore to me my energy I’ve given away too much today. / Crash of my heartstrings burning inside. I’d tie to you tight but I don’t know when you’ll land. We’re both here for some reason tonight. Please tell me why but if you can’t it’s alright oh / Sure I tried to make this place a better place oh yes I tried at my expense. But yes now I see a smile at the corner of your mouth and I see the strength in your eyes! Hold on now! / We will never have to come back to this night I promise you my friend you’ll find a better life. We will leave this all behind, please tell me we can decide, oh please believe! Oh restore to me my energy I’ve given away my feelings today oh restore to me my sacred need to give away something today. (Vs. 1 again, with “we.”)