Break The Rules

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Break the Rules By Natali Freed
Recording details:
All Vocals & Vocal arrangement: by Natali Freed; Piano Drone: Kazuto Maekawa
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kazuto Maekawa; Produced & Arranged by Natali Freed; Copyright Natali Freed 2012

I wanna break the rules;
wanna run this light;
forget pumpin’ the breaks;
just wanna pedal faster.

Wanna cross this street without lookin’ both ways.
Wanna hold your hand run thru this intersection.

Oh gimmie one last time, one last, one last time, one last time

Gonna run run run to your lovin’ arms.
Gonna think really fast.
Don’t have to stop, multi-task.
Forget the age-old map.
Forget these directions.
Trust my intuition.
Explain it all again (again again…)

Oh one last time…

Oh do I break the rules?
Oh, some rules are made for my safety.
Some rules are made for my defense.
Some rules are made and only benefit a few!
Which rules do I follow & which do I break which should I break should I break

Gonna break these rules.
What is this consequence?
Gonna cross this street holdin’ your hand.
Wanna Run run run…. Through this intersection